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Monaghan Pubs

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Monaghan Pubs

Ballybay Pubs
Courtview Bar 97 Main Street, Ballybay, Monaghan. 042-9741103
Duffy's Pub 150 Main Street Lower, Ballybay, Monaghan. 042-9741677
Maggie Joe's Bar 84 Main Street, Ballybay, Monaghan. 042-9741225
McDonnell's The Century Bar Main Street, Ballybay, 042-9741049
O'Brien Peter Main Street, Ballybay, Monaghan. 042-9741719
Rice's Bar 97 Main Street, Ballybay, Monaghan. 042-9741103
Smyth Liam Main Street, Ballybay, Monaghan. 042-9741149
Stookies Main Street, Ballybay, Monaghan. 042-9741666
The Tavern Main Street, Ballybay, Monaghan. 042-9741019
The Welcome Inn Main Street Lower, Monaghan. 042-9741215
Wards Bar Main Street, Ballybay, Monaghan. 042-9741890

Carrickmacross Pubs
Bellview Inn 46 Main Street, Carrickmacross, Monaghan. 042-9663540
Callan Patk J Bridge House Carrickmacross, Monaghan. 042-9661253
Deerys Lounge 66 Main Street, Carrickmacross, Monaghan. 042-9661165
Fiddlers Elbow Main Street, Carrickmacross, Co. Monaghan. 042-9663827
Gilsenan Peter 34 Main Street, Carrickmacross, Monaghan. 042-9661262
Kearney Michael 44 McMahon Street, Carrickmacross, 042-9664000
Mary Markey Pub 2 Main Street, Carrickmacross, 042-9661233
Mc Ardle Sean 44 Main Street, Carrickmacross, Monaghan. 042-9664000
McInearny Bros 5 O'Neill Street, Carrickmacross, Monaghan. 042-9692871
Shevlin Thos 36 Main Street, Carrickmacross, Monaghan. 042-9661506
The Harlequin Bar 50 Main Street, Carrickmacross, 042-9663266
The Tavern Lounge 54 Main Street, Carrickmacross, . 042-9661359
Valley Lodge O'Neill Street, Carrickmacross, Monaghan. 042-9661207

Castleblayney Pubs
Ballymcmanus Spectrum Bar Main Street, Castleblayney, 042-9740030
Brendan Mcconnell Ballytrain, Castleblayney, 042-9745060
Connellys Ballytrain, Shantough, Castleblayney 042-9745162
Dignam Bros Main Street, Castleblayney, Monaghan. 042-9740059
Emerald Bar Main Street, Castleblayney, Monaghan. 042-9746465
Hill Adrian Greighanroe Castleblayney, Monaghan. 042-9740171
Kirkes Pub Muckno Street, Castleblayney, Monaghan. 042-9740166
Macs Bar & Lounge Main Street, Castleblayney, Monaghan. 042-9751756
McAree K Muckno Street, Castleblayney, Monaghan. 042-9740075
McManus Eugene Main Street, Castleblayney, Monaghan. 042-9740609
Ml Doherty Pub Main Street, Castleblayney, Co. Monaghan. 042-9740110
Mount Carmel House Aughnamullen, Castleblayney, 042-9742226
Peter Coyle Bawn Shantonagh, Castleblayney, Co. Monaghan 042-9669217
Phoenix Bar Muckno Street, Castleblayney, Monaghan. 042-9749924
Sheebeen Bar Main Street, Castleblayney, Co. Monaghan 042-9749642
Spinning Wheel Bar Main Street, Castleblayney, 042-9740547
Taveys Bar Cremartin Castleblayney, Monaghan. 042-9740114
The Comet Bar & Restaurant Main Street, Castleblayney, 042-9749550

Monaghan Pubs
Andys Bar And Restaurant Market Square, Monaghan, 047-82277
Bellview Tavern 15 Dublin Street, Monaghan, Co. Monaghan. 047-84311
Jimmy's Mill Street, Monaghan. 047-81694
Master Deery's Bistro Bar, Market Street, Monaghan. 047-81950
McConnons Bar Ye Olde Cross Inn, Monaghan. 047-84661
McKenna John Francis 6-8 Park Street, Monaghan. 047-81383
McManus Jas J Glasslough Street, Monaghan. 047-82198
Mickeys Micks Lounge 24 Dublin Street, Monaghan. 047-81805
Mulligans Bar 6 Glaslough Street, Monaghan. 047-77874
Patk Mccarren Pub 16 Old Cross Square, Monaghan, 047-81450
Poc Fafa An North Road, Monaghan. 047-72395
Shamrock Bar 16 Dublin Street, Monaghan. 047-83542
Terry's 6 Market Street, Monaghan. 047-81149
The Squealing Pig Bar & Restaurant The Diamond, Monaghan. 047-84562
Three Mile Inn Coolshannagh Road, Monaghan, Co. Monaghan 047-82072

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