Offaly Horse Riding

OFFALY Horse Riding

Horse Riding & Equestrian in Offaly.

 Annaharvey Farm Equestrian Centre, Tullamore, County Offaly

Annaharvey Farm Equestrian Centre, Tullamore

Annaharvey Farm Equestrian Centre, Tullamore, County Offaly is a family business run by the Deverells. Henry is the third generation Deverell in Annaharvey and together with his wife Lynda they have built a thriving business, not only for themselves and their extended family, but also as a source of employment for the local community. Annaharvey Farm on 350 acres is situated just 4 miles from Tullamore. It was once a mixed farm, but is now primarily an equestrian centre with residential accommodation. Farming activity includes tillage such as wheat and barley and renewable energy crops.At Annaharvey Farm Equestrian Centre we provide a broad spectrum of activities, catering for the Equestrian tourist. Whether you are looking for a short or long stay Equestrian vacation, or just needing a horse riding holiday or mini-break away from the hustle and bustle of every day life, Annaharvey Farm can supply it for you.

Birr Equestrian Centre in Offaly

Birr Equestrian Centre Offaly

Birr Equestrian Centre in Offaly has been catering to riders and horse enthusiasts for over thirty years under the direction of Noel Cosgrave and his team of dedicated instructors. The centre is A.I.R.E. approved and the instructors certified by the British Horse Society. Trekking is an appealing option for those who desire to test their abilities outdoors or would like to simply enjoy the local scenery. Experienced instructors lead riders through the rolling pastures and pristine forest trails of the Slieve Bloom mountains. Join us for a half day or days trekking through the breath talking views of the Slieve Bloom Mountains, where Birr Equestrian centre has the unique advantage of holding a permit to trek on the Slieve Blooms

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