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County Louth, affectionately known as “The Wee County” is ideally situated on the North East coast of Ireland enjoying simultaneous views of the mountains and sea alike. Well served with shops, restaurants, pubs, banks and a wide selection of tourist accommodation and recreational amenities. County Louth is renowned for it’s beautiful beaches – some of which have featured in well-known box-office films. Visit Clogherhead Beach and Shelling Hill/ Templetown Beach.Tallanstown village, County Louth was a previous winner of the Tidy Towns competition and was closely associated with the Foster family and a sculpture in the village commemorates Sir Vere Foster, who helped set up Ireland’s national schools and developed the famous handwriting copy books.



Carlingford a medieval town with an immense background, and an even bigger future, with it's breathtaking scenery, including Carlingford Lough, the Mourne Mountains, ("sweeping down to the sea"), the Irish Sea, and the Isle of Man, viewable with the naked eye, from certain vantage points on the mountain walks, which tower above the town. It is situated between, or about an hour's drive from either Dublin or Belfast Airports, taking you through some of the most invigorating greenery to be found anywhere on this earth. When country singer, Johnny Cash, sang about Ireland, he sang about it's 'Forty Shades of Green', and believe me, if you spare yourself the time, you can count them.

A great area for walking with the Slieve Foye mountain range, the Cooley Peninsula, the well know Tain Way, the Mourne Mountains and trails of course around the beautiful and renowned Carlingford Lough. A hike up Slieve Foye offers stunning views back down over the medieval coastal town that is Carlingford, over the Lough and the Mourne Mountains. The Lough offers every opportunity to enjoy any number of water sports on the Lough and the area is also great for hiring a bike and exploring. Carlingford's history can be found all around with King Johns Castle, The Mint, Taaffes Castle, the Dominican Friary and Town Hall.

Local Culture, Customs, and Traditions:

When you step into County Louth, you'll quickly immerse yourself in the warm embrace of Irish culture and traditions. Here, you'll find that hospitality is a way of life, and the locals are always eager to welcome visitors with open arms. Some of the most cherished customs and traditions in County Louth include:

  • The Art of Storytelling: The Irish have a deep-rooted tradition of storytelling, and you can often find locals sharing tales of old legends and folklore in the cozy pubs.
  • Gaelic Sports: Hurling and Gaelic football are immensely popular in County Louth. Catch a match to experience the excitement and passion for these traditional Irish sports.
  • Traditional Music: Traditional Irish music sessions are a common sight in County Louth's pubs and cultural centers. Join in or simply enjoy the foot-tapping tunes.

Things to do in County Louth

County Louth offers a diverse range of activities and attractions to suit every traveler's preferences. Here are the top 10 things to do in this beautiful county:

  1. Visit Carlingford: is a stunning fjord-like inlet that separates County Louth from County Down in Northern Ireland. The lough is surrounded by majestic mountains and offers breathtaking views. Visitors can enjoy leisurely walks along the shoreline, go sailing, or simply relax and take in the serene beauty of the area. Explore the charming medieval town of Carlingford, with its narrow streets, historic buildings, and stunning views of Carlingford Lough.
  2. Discover the Cooley Peninsula: Hike the scenic Cooley Mountains and take in the breathtaking vistas of the Irish Sea.
  3. Explore Historical Sites: County Louth is home to several ancient sites, including the Proleek Dolmen and the iconic Monasterboice High Crosses.
  4. Enjoy Beach Days: Relax on the sandy shores of Clogherhead Beach or Templetown Beach, perfect for a family day out.
  5. Visit Dundalk: Explore the lively town of Dundalk, known for its shopping, dining, and vibrant arts scene.
  6. Discover Mellifont Abbey: is a historic Cistercian monastery founded in 1142, making it the first of its kind in Ireland. The abbey boasts well-preserved ruins set amidst serene and picturesque surroundings. Visitors can wander through the abbey's ancient cloisters and imagine life in this tranquil spiritual retreat
  7. Experience Irish Whiskey: Take a tour of the Cooley Distillery and savor some of Ireland's finest whiskey.
  8. Explore Dundalk Bay: Go bird watching and enjoy the serene beauty of Dundalk Bay Nature Reserve.
  9. Sample Local Cuisine: Try traditional Irish dishes like boxty and seafood chowder at local restaurants.
  10. Enjoy a Pint at a Local Pub: Sip on a pint of Guinness or a locally brewed craft beer while mingling with friendly locals.
  11. Monasterboice Monastery and High Crosses Monasterboice is an ancient monastic site that dates back to the 5th century. It is renowned for its beautifully carved high crosses, which stand as some of the finest examples of Celtic Christian art in Ireland. Visitors can explore the intricately decorated crosses and the ruins of the monastery, gaining insight into the rich history of early Christian Ireland.
  12. Knockabbey Castle & Gardens
  13. Knockabbey Castle is a magnificent 19th-century neo-Gothic mansion surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens. The castle itself is a testament to architectural grandeur, while the gardens offer a peaceful oasis for a leisurely stroll. It's a perfect place to appreciate the beauty of both nature and history.
  14. County Museum DundalkThe County Museum in Dundalk is a treasure trove of local history and culture. It houses a diverse collection of artifacts, including archaeological finds, artworks, and exhibits detailing the heritage of County Louth. Visitors can delve into the county's past and gain insights into its rich traditions.
  15. Beaulieu House & Garden,Beaulieu House, an elegant 17th-century mansion, is set within beautiful gardens overlooking the Boyne River. The house itself is a marvel of Georgian architecture, and the gardens are a delight to explore. Visitors can take guided tours of the house and immerse themselves in its history.
  16. Millmount FortMillmount Fort, perched atop a natural mound, offers panoramic views of Drogheda and the surrounding landscape. The site includes a museum that delves into the history of Drogheda, as well as a Martello tower that provides a glimpse into Ireland's defensive past.
  17. Collon House and GardenCollon House is a splendid Georgian mansion surrounded by beautifully maintained gardens. The house exudes historical charm, and the gardens are a serene retreat. Visitors can enjoy guided tours of the house and take leisurely walks through the gardens, appreciating the period architecture and greenery.
  18. The Hill of Slane: Climb the Hill of Slane and learn about its connection to St. Patrick, who famously lit the Easter fire here.
  19. Cúchulainn's Castle: Explore the ruins of Castle Roche, associated with the legendary Irish hero Cúchulainn.
  20. St. Laurence's Gate: Admire the medieval architecture of St. Laurence's Gate, an iconic landmark in Drogheda.
  21. King John's Castle: Step into history at King John's Castle, a medieval fortress with fascinating exhibits and panoramic views.

Family Days Out

If you're traveling with your family, County Louth has plenty of family-friendly attractions to keep everyone entertained:

  • Funtasia Waterpark: Splash and play at Funtasia Waterpark, a thrilling aquatic adventure for kids and adults alike.
  • Greenore Railway Museum: Delve into the history of the railway at Greenore Railway Museum, a fun and educational experience for all ages.
  • Visit Tayto Park: Just a short drive from County Louth, Tayto Park offers thrilling rides, a zoo, and a factory tour where you can learn about Ireland's favorite crisps.
  • Go-Karting at Kart City: Race against each other at Kart City, a high-speed karting track that promises hours of adrenaline-fueled fun.
  • Crolla's Gelato: Treat the family to delicious gelato at Crolla's Gelato in Dundalk, a perfect way to cool down on a sunny day.

Top Hotels in County Louth:

The d Hotel: Located in the heart of Drogheda, this modern hotel offers comfortable rooms and stunning views of the River Boyne.

Ballymascanlon House Hotel: Set in a historic estate, this elegant hotel boasts luxurious rooms and a renowned golf course.

Crowne Plaza Dundalk: Enjoy a comfortable stay and easy access to Dundalk's attractions at the Crowne Plaza.

The Four Seasons Hotel: This family-friendly hotel in Carlingford offers spacious rooms and beautiful views of Carlingford Lough.

The Carnbeg Hotel: Relax in style at this charming hotel with a spa and leisure centre.

Best Bed and Breakfasts in County Louth:

Rocky Shore B&B: Enjoy warm hospitality and sea views at this cozy B&B in Clogherhead.

Glen Gat House: Stay in a historic Georgian house in Ardee and savor a delicious Irish breakfast.

The Old Abbey Inn: Experience the charm of Drogheda at this welcoming B&B near St. Laurence's Gate.

The Inn at Termonfeckin: Relax in comfort at this peaceful B&B near Termonfeckin Beach.

The Neighbourhood Guesthouse: Enjoy a home-away-from-home experience in Dundalk at this friendly guesthouse.

Best Self-Catering Houses in County Louth:

The Coach House: Rent a self-catering house in Carlingford for a private and comfortable stay.

Slane Farm Hostel: Experience rural Ireland at this charming hostel with self-catering facilities.

The Thatch Cottage: Stay in a traditional Irish cottage in Drogheda and enjoy the countryside.

Templetown Cottage: Escape to the coast and unwind in this lovely self-catering cottage near Templetown Beach.

Bayview House: Enjoy sea views and a fully-equipped kitchen at this family-friendly self-catering house in Clogherhead.

Best Pubs in County Louth:

The Clutha Bar: Enjoy a lively atmosphere and traditional Irish music at The Clutha Bar in Dundalk.

McAteers The Food House: Savor delicious pub grub and a warm welcome at McAteers in Dundalk.

Keegan's Bar: Experience the charm of a traditional Irish pub in Ardee at Keegan's Bar.

The Ship Bar & Restaurant: Relax by the fireplace and enjoy a pint at The Ship Bar in Dundalk.

The Morning Star: Discover a cozy, family-run pub in Carlingford with a great selection of beers.

Best Restaurants in County Louth:

The Glyde Inn

Located in the picturesque village of Annagassan, The Glyde Inn offers a delightful dining experience with a focus on fresh seafood and traditional Irish cuisine. Enjoy your meal while taking in stunning views of Dundalk Bay. It's the perfect place for a memorable dining experience by the sea.

No. Three Restaurant & Bar

No. Three Restaurant & Bar in Castlebellingham is a culinary gem. With a commitment to locally sourced ingredients, the restaurant offers a menu that combines modern flair with traditional Irish flavors. It's an ideal spot for an upscale dining experience in County Louth.

Fiddle Case

Fiddle Case in Drogheda is not just a restaurant but a lively hub of Irish music and cuisine. You can enjoy hearty Irish dishes while being serenaded by traditional live music. The cozy atmosphere and warm hospitality make it a must-visit for those seeking an authentic Irish pub and dining experience.

Maritime Café

The Maritime Café in Carlingford is a hidden gem known for its excellent coffee, freshly baked pastries, and charming atmosphere. Whether you're looking for a morning pick-me-up or a leisurely afternoon treat, this café is the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the coastal vibes of Carlingford.

Fusion Restaurant

For those craving diverse flavors, Fusion Restaurant in Dundalk offers a unique dining experience. Specializing in Asian fusion cuisine, this restaurant combines the best of Asian culinary traditions with a modern twist. From sushi to stir-fry, Fusion Restaurant offers an array of delectable dishes that will satisfy your taste buds.

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