Westmeath Theatre


Mullingar Arts Centre

Mullingar Arts Centre

Mullingar Arts Centre opened its doors to the public on 1st January 1999. The Arts Centre is contained in the totally re-furbished County Hall. The Arts Centre is comprised of a 407 seat Theatre, two art workshops and an exquisitely lit Art Gallery. The workshops cater for all art forms. The gallery is adaptable into three smaller units. The Theatre caters for all event types and is suitable for conferences and seminars. Mullingar Arts Centre worked in conjunction with Belvedere House Gardens and Park to stage Classic Recitals in Belvedere. In addition, the regional finals of Slogadh Naisiunta, the leinster Fleadh Ceol, the leinster Community games and the leinster and All Ireland Irish Dancing Championships have all been held in the Arts Centre while 17 local organisations staged events in the theatre.

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