Stone Circle

The Burren


The Burren National Park located in the Burren is an area of extensive rock and wild fauna. The area has extensive coverage of limestone, calcareous grassland, hazel scrub, lakes, and wild fauna. A trip to the Burren National Park offers a view of the many diverse plants living in the one ecosystem.

The Burren

The visitor to the Burren can experience Alpine plants living side by side with Mediterranean plants, calcicole (lime loving) and calcifuge (acid loving) plants growing adjacent to one another and woodland plants growing out in the open with not a tree nearby to provide shade from the sun.

The Burren National Park offers views of Knockanes mountain range and had Mullaghmor to the south. Also within the Burren National Park are several lakes such as Lough Gealáin, Travaun Lough, Coolorta Lough, Coolreash Lough, Aughrim Lough, Ballyeighter Lough and Lough Bunny. Some of these lakes behave partly as Turloughs being fed from the ground water through springs.

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